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Jan 8Introduction to Protein Structure
Jan 10Protein Structure, Intro to Stat Mech
Jan 17Ensembles, Free Energy
Jan 22Monte Carlo Sampling
Jan 24Multicanonical Monte Carlo
Jan 29Multicanonical Monte Carlo
Jan 31Weighted Histogram Analysis Method (WHAM)
Feb 5FEP and BAR
Feb 7Amino-acid solvation energies via TI
Feb 12Channel ion selectivity application
Feb 18Protein-peptide binding application
Feb 20Nucleic acid design
Feb 26Experimental versus computational folding
Feb 28Protein design
Mar 5Protein design
Mar 7Protein design

Presentation Priority Queue
Qinxin Pan
Gevorg Grigoryan
Kevin R Walker
Chao An
Yue Xing
Hui Huang
Fan Zheng
Xinyu Li
Yilong Zhao
Jonathan C Guerrette
Zhipeng Hu