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Mar 27Introduction to Protein Structure
Mar 29Protein Structure Determination
Apr 3Protein Structure Prediction, Classics Critiques
Apr 5Protein Folding; Lecture on Protein Design Critiques
Apr 10Protein Folding & Design Critiques
Apr 12Protein Design Critiques
Apr 24Ab Initio Structure Prediction Critiques
Apr 26Ab Initio Structure Prediction Critiques
May 1Structure Prediction by Homology Modeling Critiques
May 3Modeling Assemblies Critiques, Project Proposals
May 8Transmembrane Protein Structure Prediction Critiques
May 10Structural Alignment and Similarity-based Search/Retreival Critiques
May 15Function Prediction, Protein Design Critiques
May 17Function Prediction, Structural Similarity Searching Critiques
May 22Protein Design, Protein Structural Universe Critiques
May 24Function Prediction Critiques
May 29Final Project Presentations Milo, Tucker; Fanghao, Xiaoming, Minjun; Luke, Emory; Qinxin; David Critiques
May 30Final Project Presentations Fan; Jonathan; Milka, Rima, Kevin Critiques

Upcoming topics: protein folding, protein design, structure preduction, function prediction, docking and binding, statistical mechanics.