Method of Accelerated Search for Tertiary Ensemble Representatives

About MASTER v.2

MASTER v.2 is a C++ library that implements a protein sub-structure search algorihtm. MASTER v.2 features an new and improved search algorithm [1], relative to the previous implementation [2], and does not rely on any additional libraries.

Getting MASTER v.2

To obtain a copy of the software:

  • For academic (non-commercial) users: pleease contact Dr. Grigoryan at gevorg.grigoryan ~at~

  • For non-academic users: please contact the Dartmouth College Technology Transfer Office at and ask to obtain a license for MASTER v.2.


  • [1] Zhou J., Grigoryan G., "A C++ library for protein sub-structure search", bioRxiv [DOI].

  • [2] Zhou J., Grigoryan G., "Rapid Search for Tertiary Fragments Reveals Protein Sequence-Structure Relationships", Protein Science, 24(4): 508-524, 2015.