Accessing MATLAB

Using MATLAB in Sudikoff Lab001

  1. Make sure you have a department Linux account. 
  2. Log into a machine first. In the top menu, choose "Application"-"System Tools"-"Terminal", and enter "matlab" in the black terminal window. The MATLAB graphical interface will pop out in a few seconds. (Notice that because the MATLAB version  in Lab001 comes with very few toolboxes,  many MATLAB built-in functions such as  imshow(), mvnrnd() may not be available.)  

Using MATLAB on your own computer (recommended)

Using MATLAB remotely

If you don't want to install MATLAB, and Lab001 is crowded with other students, you can still run MATLAB remotely from your computer. First you need to pick a computer in Lab001 that you wnat to log in. Here is the list of all computers in Lab001. Now we assume you want to log into the computer named "Spruce", and your department account is "xxx".
 yourmac:~$ssh -Y
(You will be asked to accept encryption keys and enter your department account password)